Subacute Care

Upholding Regal’s tradition of high quality post acute care, we offer a perfect balance of state-of-the art rehab equipment and genuine Texan warmth.

Our Rehabilitation Program features:

  • Daily Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
  • Modern, Expansive & Well-Stocked Rehabilitation Gym
  • Latest ACP Technology & Treatment Modalities
  • Post-Discharge Care & Follow-up

Capitalizing on our cutting-edge rehab equipment and the latest technology, our interdisciplinary team establishes and provides personalized treatment plans, one-on-one treatment, treatment flexibility, and patient-focused goals.

Our dedicated rehab specialists foster strength, promote independence and advance new confidence in each patient, with personalized programs designed to help each patient make the quickest, most effective transition back home.

Accelerated Care Plus (ACP)

ACP is a highly effective clinical program integrating cutting-edge rehabilitation equipment, evidence-based treatment procedures and advanced therapist training.

Expertly utilized by our Staff of highly trained clinicians for several years now, the ACP program delivers optimal outcomes.


Regal Healthcare Residence